The Payette Lakes Community Association board of directors is made up of educators, parents, community leaders, and philanthropists.The board meets each month tracking finances, grants, academics and enrichment, fundraising, health and wellness benefits and to coordinate the future of programming. If you are interested in joining the board please reach out.


Executive Director/Teachers

  • Ashlee Fliney, Executive Director

Our Current Executive Board 

  • Erin Greaves, President
  • Stefanie Bork, Vice President
  • Kim Mihlfeith, Secretary

Board of Directors

  • George Pool
  • Linda Pool
  • Tony Horton
  • Barbara Bussolini
  • Bob Hallock
  • Jennifer Caple

Our Founders

  • George Pool
  • Linda Pool

How We Began

Started by our founders, George & Linda Pool, PLCA 4 KIDS is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that evolved in 2007 as an outgrowth of the YMCA Blue Ribbon Steering Committee. Due to the shortage of after school care facilities in the McCall area, and the expressed need of working parents for safe, supervised child care, an after school program for kindergarten through fifth graders was developed. Originally the program was two days a week, held in the McCall Senior Center and operated jointly with the City of McCall.

In the second year of operation, with the assistance of the St. Andrews Episcopal Church and the Cascade 4H, the program was expanded to five days a week at the Barbara Morgan Elementary school. In the following year, the program was totally operated by the PLCA.

Our Goals

  •  Develop After School Youth Programs with a “no walls” concept for elementary school age children.
  • Serve as a coordinating body for other programs serving youth in the McCall area.
  • Facilitate methods of youth giving back to their community through volunteer services in the area of the environment, education, health and safety to increase civic pride and to promote the welfare of the community.
  • Coordinate and cooperate with existing organizations and agencies to establish a dedicated facility for youth, and teens.